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"The Awakening" by Jirayr Zorthian

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 "The Awakening" by Jirayr Zorthian
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One of the great artists of our times, Colonel Jirayr H. Zorthian recently passed away at the age of 92, attributing his longevity to fine art, red wine and often being in the company of beautiful nude models. At the age of five, little Jirayr showed genius artistic talents, which he honed at Yale (Class of ’36) and at the American Academy in Rome. A native Armenian, American military man, Altadena rancher and legendary larger-than-life artist and connoisseur, Zorthian was famous for his large vibrant paintings and drawings of everyday life and world history. In his later years, he focused on erotica, creating an extraordinarily exciting oeuvre.

We at Dr. Susan Block’s Speakeasy Gallery are honored to be exhibiting a selection of Zorthian’s original works. The originals are not for sale, and will eventually hang in museums. However, we are pleased to be able to make available the first limited edition reproductions of some of his finest works of art.

We begin with “The Awakening,” a favorite among current visitors to our gallery. As the artist told us on a visit to his ranch shortly before he died, his inspiration for this exquisite, gentle yet explosive, movingly sensuous piece, was his own boyhood memory of his first crush on an older woman. The model for the woman in the piece is Jennifer Patton, his favorite artist model, and one of the famous “Nymphs of Zorbacchus,” who danced nude at Zorthian’s renowned “Primavera” festivals.

Now you can collect and enjoy this masterpiece of fine art that is also a piece of hedonistic history, or give it as a gift for someone to treasure forever. Our limited edition reproductions are created in collaboration with the Zorthian estate, and made in the finest quality giclee and canvas prints in various sizes, by Jack Leustig Imaging in New Mexico. These are the highest quality reproductions you can obtain. (Note: Photograph above does not fully represent the true vibrant colors of the original piece. Also, the faint line in the top right of the painting belies not an error, but an extension of the painting by the artist.)

Now available: 8" x 14.4" on plush cotton paper.
Limited Edition of 200. $150.00.

For other edition sizes on canvas and cotton paper, call 310.568.0066