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Would you like to widen your business' exposure? Why not put your business info on our websites using our TEXTS ADS! After twenty years of establishing ourselves as world-renowned sex therapists, and making Dr. Susan Block a household name in radio, television and sexology--we now have thousands of returning clients and tens of thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook. 

Whether you want to further promote your book, your gift shop, your services, your production/publishing company or just YOURSELF, our sites are prime real estate for your advertising needs! Unlimited sales potential! 

Our rates are fair and simple:

$60 per 500 click-throughs on our site(s)

$100 per 1000 click-throughs

(Please call for all other options)

Advertise on any or all of our sites:

Our Marketing Associates will contact you immediately upon registration 
Call us at 310.568.0066 to place your ad(s) on our front pages today! Ask for David.
Or email us at [email protected].

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