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Block Studio Membership
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A Block Studios Membership has its Pleasures!

How Can I Attend Shows and Other Events at Block Studios?
You must be a card-carrying Block Studios Member to attend a live taping of The Dr. Susan Block Show or any of our other events such as Eros Day, Squirt Salons, Foot Fetish Salons, Pleasure Sex Seminars, Dr. Suzy's Speakeasy Parties and Libertine Nights.

How Much Is Membership?
Our membership dues are currently $100, payable every 3 months. And of course you're more than welcome to support the studios and make an additional donation!

What Does Block Studios Membership Get Me?
Membership first and foremost gives you in-person access to our uniquely exciting shows and other events. In addition, as a member you will join a unique network of individuals from which you may find new friends, possible lovers, mentors, stimulating partners and, in some cases, life-time soulmates. You’ll encounter all kinds of “sexperts,” from professors to porn stars, local and international celebrities, dommes and subs, artists and nurses, film directors and the girls and guys-next-door. For many members, it’s also a way to make new business contacts, land parts in movies, or learn about new jobs. Anything can happen in our beautiful, sensual, magical studios where we practice “ethical hedonism” and the Bonobo Way, as we explore and investigate the delicious pleasures and fascinating complications of human sexuality, love, art and the rest of life.

What Else Does My Membership Get Me?
Your membership gives you discounts on lots of great stuff in Shopping Heaven. It also gets you invitations to private dinners and other events we hold here at the studios. If you are a telephone therapy client, you’ll get discounts on all your calls and consultations. That can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings per year!

What About My Friends?
As a Block Studios Member, you can invite friends, lovers or business associates to accompany you to shows and other events, and you’ll have the coolest place in town to hang out.

So Who Are We?
We are a group of friends, lovers and business associates who like to explore sex. Some of us work in the sexuality field as publishers, performers, models, producers, writers, artists, journalists, photographers and filmmakers. Others are lawyers, doctors, business people, politicians or schoolteachers who have an interest in exploring or learning more about sex, love and pleasure, in a safe place outside their professional and even their regular social lives. Block Studios is always respectful of the privacy of our members. We support you, whether you wish to promote yourself or remain very discreet.

Block Studios is privately funded by the Dr. Susan Block Institute for the Erotic Arts & Sciences. Our work and activities are made possible through loans and grants from Dr. Block’s private sex therapy practice, television sales, product sales, Internet properties and membership dues. A portion of our revenues and our time goes to help save the highly endangered “Make Love, Not War” bonobo chimpanzees and other pet projects of ours, including the Anti-War Movement and Saving Mother Earth.

What We’re Not…
We’re not a swing club, bar, or bordello. Sometimes we call Block Studios “Dr. Suzy’s Speakeasy,” but unlike the speakeasies of old, we don’t do anything illegal. As this is not a club or bar, we do not sell liquor. Therefore, whenever you come toan event, you should bring something to drink that you can share with other people. It needn’t be alcoholic. We provide the yummy hors d’oeuvres, aphrodisiacs, condoms, free art, nifty novelties and the romantic erotic ambiance.

Don't take our word for it... join now and experience the perks of being a Block Studios member today!!

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