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Blonde Island DVD

Part Number BlockFilms_1003
Blonde Island DVD
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Come to Dr. Susan Block's


Throw All Your Cares Overboard and Swim Up Between the

Silky Smooth Arms and Legs of Some of the Hottest Blondes on Earth.

Welcome to Dr. Susan Block’s BLONDE ISLAND,

where a variety of platinum and honey-haired beauties frolic and play, one beached blonde more beautiful, buxom and bodacious than the next. But why compare? Each is a golden revelation of long-legged, tanned, toned, bosomy, stark naked blondeness, athletic sexuality and lusty unbridled opinion, all of them kissing, caressing and doing the hoka-hoka with Dr. Suzy and each other.

Part 1

First Blonde on the Bed is Bethany Sweet, and she is indeed the sugar in Seattle's famous coffee, a religious Christian ballet dancer and horsewoman turned proud and voluptuous Porn Star. Next up is Vicky Vett, the Viking Vixen, "Born for Porn," a Norwegian horny housewife turned swinger turned...Porn Star! Curvy as a Barbie Doll and shaved to silky smooth perfection, she gets down and dirty, reveling in her hardcore exploits with younger well-hung guys in every position, and 69s with Bethany.

Part 2

Hardcore adventures with Sticky Vicky continue. Then, yet another leggy blonde, kinky Russian fetish model Victoria Lane, wows the crowd with her pert natural breasts and dominant style.

Part 3

Feeling like sharing their sexual knowledge, the blondes give explicitly illustrated advice to Jen, a strong, middle-aged sexual woman who just wants a nice guy to throw her on the bed and funk her like an animal. All the blondes empathize. Then comes smoking hot Spanish blonde Orgasmical--with her band!--singing "Funk Me," and driving all the other blondes into funky, animalistic, orgasmical, cunny-licking, nipple-sucking, snake-handling heat! Funk me, Baby!

Part 4

Blonde-on-blonde sex on BLONDE ISLAND gets even hotter with all that funking. Then a surprise: One of the most stunning beauties on BLONDE ISLAND doesn’t have a blonde hair on her a slim, lithe, perfectly-muscled, all-natural body that looks as if it has been carved by Rodin. Elegant elfin brunette Lisa Ann Davis is an artist's model, as well as one of the wondrous nymphs that danced naked around Zorbacchus, aka. the late, legendary Altadena Artist/Rancher Jirayr Zorthian at the bacchanalian primaveras. Lisa’s supple naked form strikes one eloquent pose after another, like a living sculpture of the Old Masters unearthed by erotic archeologists on BLONDE ISLAND.

Mutually Tasty

Then suddenly, the winds change, and a very lucky shipwrecked sailor finds his way from the Sea of Pain we call the Regular World to that Island of Pleasure at Dr. Suzy's Speakeasy that we christened BLONDE ISLAND.

An Island of Pleasure in a Sea of War
Blonde Island May Call You….Any Night, Any Day…
In Your Heart, You’ll Hear It Call you…Come Away… Come Away… Come Away to Blonde Island… Where Pleasure Awaits You…
Your Own Special Island of Naked Blonde Angels
Here I Am…Blonde Island…Come To Me…Come To Me…

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