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"Body Painting Post Card Series" by Still Scott

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"Body Painting Post Card Series" by Still Scott
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Body Art Nite Postcard Collection 

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well we say our Body Art Postcard Collection encompasses infinite descriptions. From fun and playful, to classic and sensual, to bizarre and kinky. Step onto the canvas of Michael Spezialy at The Dr. Susan Block Show, and admire the designs painted on the beautiful nude bodies of Dr. Suzy, Lisa Ann Davis, Nurse Lynn, J and more. This was a truly magical show, and now we’re offering seven exclusive, limited-time, breathtaking images in one enticing collection for your viewing pleasure. Each 4x6 post card is hand printed, packed, and shipped as our gift to you & yours. Only $9 per set. You’re sure to love giving and receiving the gift of beautiful body art!

Photography by Scott Weems

Reviewed by Your American Julie

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