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C'est Une Pipe

C'est Une Pipe
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Sculptor Bill Pacak has been making exquisite erotic art pipes for ten years. Both erotic art collectors and smoking enthusiasts agree that they are the best smoking pipes available even though that is not necessarily what they are made for. Many of Bill's pipes remain virgins after purchase.

The artist describes "C'est Une Pipe"":

"This is from a series that I'm making of functional art pipes that I've hand carved in exotic woods from photos that people have sent me. The vulva comes out and the bowl is where the vagina opens. I've mounted it on a painted board with the words "C'est une pipe" painted underneath in homage to Magritte's "Ceci n'est pas une pipe.".

Some collectors would consider "C'est Une Pipe" too lovely a work of erotic art to use it for it's functional purpose. For others, using it is part of enjoying the art.

When used, "C'est Une Pipe" becomes the ultimate personal accessory, a pipe that looks just like yours or your girlfriends vulva.

The pipe itself is made of cocobolo wood and the base is maple. It is mounted on a painted wood board and framed. The pipe and base are 6"x4.5"x1.75". The total framed piece is 16"x14"x2.75"
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