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Cigar Box Guitar

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Cigar Box Guitar
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Cigar Box Guitar

from Clemmy Cockatoo Designs
  • The body of this 3 string guitar is an Alec Bradley box, which is deeper than the regular cigar box, making a richer , fuller sound.
  • The box is covered with A5 sheets of aged brown paper and then coated with thinned white paint.
  • The neck, of oak, is also painted thinned white acrylic and then sanded for a rustic look and 6 coats of varnish are applied.
  • The frets are brass wire, rather than bought fret wire.

        I mostly use hand tools to construct my guitars, and therefore they are not 'perfect' in finish, unlike the more mass produced guitars on the market...I'm an artist, what can I say?
        So even though this guitar is a fully functioning electric guitar, it's also an art piece.
        Hang it on the wall, or play it.

        Whatever you choose, it's a talking piece!
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