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Dr Suzy's Speakeasy Journal

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Dr Suzy's Speakeasy Journal
Dr Suzy's Speakeasy Journal
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Dr. Susan Block’s Speakeasy Journals are based on the history, philosophy, therapy, politics, photography and archives of the Dr. Susan Block Show, spanning 30 years of broadcasting and performance art. The theme of this premiere print edition is “Splosh ‘n’ Art,” featuring a Commedia Erotica cast of artists, exhibitionists, vegan chefs, junk food lovers and FemDoms, showcasing the convergence of food and sex through art and kink.

“Sploshing” is erotic food play. Sploshers spray, drip, dump, rub, mush or cover each other in foods of different flavors and textures. As you’ll see, things get a little messy. But that’s the beauty of splosh… and art. This issue explores such delicious subjects as playing with food, the psychology of splosh, faux cannibalism, “sploshgasms” and (of course) sploshing Trump.

This first issue is a must for collectors of print media, researchers, human sexuality students, art enthusiasts, adventurous couples, think-outside-the-boxers, political resisters, food fetishists and splosh lovers. It’s unique, fun, informative, and a great way to spice up your sex life!

All issues of Dr. Block’s Speakeasy Journal are dedicated to saving one of humanity’s closest living relatives, our kissing cousins, the highly endangered, “make love not war” bonobo apes.

For more information on our work, please call 626-461-5950 or email us at [email protected]

Who made this mess?
Publisher: Gardner & Daughters Publishing
Author: The Inimitable Dr. Susan Block
Designer from Down Under: Clemmy LeBusque
Executive Publisher: Maximillian Lobkowicz
Featuring: Daničle Watts, Chef Be*Live, Gypsy Bonobo, Madame Margherite, Imani Cupe’, Michael Wiznu, Jinn Christou, Ikkor the Wolf, Indy Sterning

Get your hands on the Debut Copy of Dr Suzy's new magazine Speakeasy Journal. 
A limited edition set will be printed.

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