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Lady Caligula - by Lasse Braun

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Lady Caligula - by Lasse Braun
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"An engrossing, orgastic romp through an extraordinary period of Roman history filled with intrigue, joie de vivre, ancient etiquette, kinky politics and almost every kind of sex imaginable, plus a few kinds that could only be imagined by the fevered cerebellum of Lasse Braun. Lady Caligula made me wet, and it made me think, often simultaneously."

- -Susan M. Block, Ph.D.


Lady Caligula, the beautiful, 18-year-old Britannic bride of young Roman Emperor Caesar Caligula, finds herself in the midst of a circus of intrigue surrounding the awesome characters of Caligula’s Imperial Court, in this thrilling, uncensored tale of conspiracies, love affairs, politics, passions, murders and sexual obsessions.

"It's as if Lasse Braun is demanding respect from his readers. It was an amazing book filled with sex and erotica. It was simply titillating."

- - Jolie Barry

Lasse Braun has been a leading figure of the Sexual Revolution that began in the 1960s and ‘70s. He wrote, directed and produced a large number of uncensored, award-winning movies that had an enormous influence upon the adult culture of those times. As a multilingual attorney, he has masterminded the legal strategy to defeat the influence of censorship in Europe and America. LADY CALIGULA is his first major novel written in English.

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