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"Photo Sex" edited by David Steinberg

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"Photo Sex" edited by  David Steinberg
PHOTO SEX: Fine Art Sexual Photography Comes of Age
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Thirty-one talented photographers -- Michael Rosen, Michele Serchuk, David Steinberg, Charles Gatewood, Craig Morey, Barbara Nitke, Ron Raffaelli, Trevor Watson, and others -- expand the definition of sex and the boundaries of fine art photography in 115 duotone photographs that unapologetically and unambiguously take sex as their central subject. From the woman playfully striking a pose at the top of a stairway for her delighted friend, to the aroused man exuberantly celebrating a bonfire-lit ritual, to the woman enthusiastically masturbating at a New York erotic art gallery opening, Photo Sex provides a stunning sampler of the range of activities that individuals consider sexual, and a survey of the styles and perspectives that different sexual photographers bring to their work.

"Photo Sex is an inspiring collection of collaborations between photographers and lovers who convey the essence of what makes them feel sexually alive. The results are erotic and spectacular!" -- Susie Bright

"David Steinberg is a genius with a unique vision. He has collected the best of the best sexual photography and serves it up as a treasure chest of photographic gems that sparkle, delight and amaze. -- Annie Sprinkle

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