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Storyville- The Naked Dance

Part Number Storyville
Storyville- The Naked Dance
Storyville- The Naked Dance
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A seaport town off the gulf coast, New Orleans had a special area designated for the pleasure of those willing to pay. Storyville had the smell of jasmine and scent of money. Storyville was that dirty little secret rich men and athletes kept from their wives before Sunday morning. It was that in-your-face, anti-Victorian, crime-ridden, madhouse of pleasure and sin; a city most only dream of visiting. It was a hot spot for travelers, international socialites and political figures, military men, jazz musicians, as well as women down-on-their-luck, pimps seizing the opportunity, and johns from every race and class.


Order this documentary today and learn the difference between a mansion and a crib. Understand how white man’s privilege gave him the choice of any prostitute under the sun, while segregation still remained. Learn how the brothel pianist kept all the men in the mood. Find out what the responsibilities of a Madame were. Discover how the “Naked Dance” was a great marketing tool. See how Storyville was a haven for jazz musicians including Jelly Roll Morton and Louis Armstrong. And learn how WWI killed Storyville forever.


This documentary includes explicit interviews, restored photographs, great film clips, and most importantly, a slice from American history we should all be aware of. Whether wrong or right, Storyville represents the resilience of women who had little and no choice in life. It represents the insatiable demand for sex in this world that conservatives don’t want to acknowledge. And it represents the amazing industriousness of a poor city, its people, and the wonderful art that can spring from its suffering.


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