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"Violets are Blew" by Brian Viveros Print

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"Violets are Blew" by Brian Viveros Print
"Violeys are blew" by Brian Viveros, Print 8 1/2" x 11"
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Heels, horns, and handcuffs.

Chicks, dicks, and large round tits.

Cigarettes, cigars, and Siamese twins.

Pin-ups pinned up with pleasure and sin.

No, this is not an excerpt from a naughty Dr. Seuss book never released. This is the surreal artwork of the incredibly talented Brian Viveros’ Smoking Series. His work is a fantastic fantasy. Very graphic, very moody, very classy, and like nothing you’ve seen before. These 8.5” x 11” prints are sure to move you and make great, very reasonably priced gifts for anyone who appreciates charcoal and ink come to life.

Brian’s work has been featured in New York at the Art @ Large show in The Film Center Building, in Riverside, CA at the Eye Candy show in the 3 Dueces Art Gallery, in Miami, FL at the Art & Lust show at the Wild Seduction Gallery, in Chicago in the Feitico Gallery, in Santa Monica, CA in the Copro Nason Gallery, in San Francisco, CA at the Robots Have Feelings Too show in the Culture Cache Gallery, in London at the Torture Garden, and throughout Europe.

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