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Whim 'N Rhythm of Yale

Part Number Whim 'n Rhythm of Yale
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Dr. Susan Block Presents

America’s Premiere All-Girl A Capella Singing Group

Whim ‘n Rhythm of Yale

Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before!

Performing Live @ Dr. Suzy’s Speakeasy

"An Awesome Elegant Concert"
The Downtown Bla Bla

"It’s hard to say who looked better in Dr. Suzy’s wardrobe, the girls or the guys…"
Roxanne Milner, Speakeasy Staff

Yale University’s All-Girl A Capella Singing Group, considered the best in the nation, Whim ‘n Rhythm, perform a fabulous unforgettable concert of angelic jazz, old school cheer and sexy, funny twists and turns at Dr. Suzy’s Speakeasy, presented by world-renowned sex educator, hostess and Yale alumna Dr. Susan Block. "Yale’s Whim ‘n Rhythm: Live at Dr. Suzy’s Speakeasy" gives you a front row seat for the superb music and a backstage pass to the wild after-show hijinks that go on in and out of Dr. Suzy’s Boudoir when the gals and three guys (from Yale’s world-famous Whiffenpoofs) try on Dr. Suzy’s signature slutwear, lingerie, hats and boas, putting on two outrageously fun, but still elegant shows-after-the-show.

The concert features such beloved standards as "Lady is a Tramp," "Givin’ Him Somethin’ He Can Feel," "Vision of Love," "Galileo," "Chain of Fools," "Black Coffee," "You’re No Good," and the rousing "Yale Football Medley" sung like you’ve never heard them sung before. Next there’s the after-party, and the Ivy League invasion of Dr. Suzy’s Boudoir. Yale Girls Night Out! Then out come the boys! It’s wild, hilarious and heart-warming. Whether you’re a Yalie, an a capella singing fan, a standard music lover, a crossdressing aficionado, or you’re just curious to see how a bunch of young, smart, gifted, well-heeled, freshly graduated Yale ladies and gentlemen dress up and perform, you’ll love this DVD.


Whim ‘n Rhythm 2006
Nika Hasegawa   Sabrina Silver    Lucy Winn   Rickie Trudeau
Lauren Tarantello   Megan Stern   Miranda Jones   Allison Goldberg  Mariangela Sullivan  Victoria Neiman   Meaghan Burke
Remle Stubbs-Dame   Anjanine Bonet

Turner Fishpaw ('06) Chris Ricca ('06) Thomas Dolan ('05)

30% of the proceeds go to the Yale Whim ‘n Rhythm Fund, donated by the Class of 2006.

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